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How To Create Your Own Show, Travel The World and Get Paid To Do What You Love

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Incredible opportunities

There are incredible opportunities for cabaret performers. Once the world has moved on from Covid-19, people will be back in theatres, jazz clubs and cruise ships, in need of quality entertainment.

Now is the time to prepare your show, so that as soon as bookers are looking for acts, you are at the front of the queue. Use your time in lockdown wisely. Don't waste it.

Cabaret Training will unlock your potential and open the door to traveling the world and getting paid to do what you love.

Advice you can trust

Save years of hard work. Being the best takes time and effort but there are shortcuts. Cabaret Training gives you a fast track to success which means less time spending money and more time making it.

Practical advice you can use. Cabaret Training is packed with sensible, practical advice. Gary Williams has walked the walk and knows the hurdles and challenges a newcomer will face.

Amazing value for money

Cabaret Training has proven results and the return on your investment can be huge. With the right skills you can easily earn $2000-$4000 per week... for the rest of your career. After that, you'll have the rest of your career to enjoy the profits and the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

This is not hype, it's reality. It may sound too good to be true, but this is normal life for 1000s of cabaret singers all over the world. We have world with talent of all ages and very different musical styles and know the shortcuts to make your dreams come true.

This investment in your career is tiny compared to your earning potential, not the mention the fun you will have at the same time.

Follow your dream

It is possible to have the life you always dreamed of. If you love to sing and entertain, don't waste anymore time. The opportunities are there and waiting for you.

Imagine flying to South America one week and Japan the next to do the thing you love. Suntanning on a Caribbean beach one day and eating authentic pasta in Rome is next is part of every day for successful cabaret singers and it could be yours too.

Fancy performing your own show in a cabaret room in New York? How about a world famous jazz club in London, a concert hall in Australia and a cruise ship in the Mediterranean? There are countless places for you to do what you love whilst enjoying an amazing lifestyle. This isn't hype, it's a daily reality for 1000s of singers.

" invaluable guide to negotiating the minefield of creating a cabaret act and making a career and living from it."

Mark Shenton, Playbill